Wed, February 6, 2019 in Issue 5: Superheroes

Issue 5: Superheroes - Page 6

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Issue 5: Superheroes - Page 6
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Author Notes:

shastab24 Wed, February 6, 2019 edit delete
Pencils by Evaradi, colors by myself.

Ah, here starts the action. Achumawi Bank is a play off the name of Umpqua Bank, which is supposed to be the place in Redding that my characters are at (though it seems I may have forgotten to send reference images for the area to Evaradi, because that area, and Redding in general, doesn't look like that--it's a city, but rarely has buildings over 3 stories). The Umpqua are a Native American tribe in Oregon, while the Achumawi are a member of the Pit River Tribe, one of the major Native tribes in the Redding area (of note, the other big tribe in the area is the Wintu, which I decided to make Karl be a part of instead of the Cherokee like I'd originally made him).

Also, I had an opportunity to have a big reveal of the characters in costume on this page, but obviously dropped the ball. Hence why the cover can be so important to this issue.

And here's the villain, as well. I'd forgotten when he appeared in Karabear Comics Presents that his codename does show up on this page. Yay for lack of confusion! Zap is one of my older villains, originally created as someone who could fire energy blasts of "dull plasma" (whatever that means--I don't remember what I was thinking all those years ago) and was originally a villain for the then-solo Flame Thrower. He was buffed up since (yes, physically, but I meant in his prowess), as his old incarnation would have been beaten by any one of the current team, and wouldn't have been able to incapacitate the dragon guy like that.

Also, this is Evaradi's final page for this issue. It was good while it lasted, but it's on to me. But don't worry, Dr Demus is also one of the artists for this issue, so the art isn't all a disappointment from here.