Issue 38: Faces Strange

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Author Notes:

shastab24 Wed, October 19, 2022 edit delete
That cover was so tedious to ink. There's a reason I was more half-hearted in the background when it came to showing the fuzz. I hope it still works. I really was hoping I wouldn't need to draw the background, like I didn't have to draw the bank for the first story, but no, I didn't draw multiple Alerrans like I could have.

Like in the immediately previous story, this introduces new versions of a couple concepts I created when I was in elementary school (well, middle school here), for my superhero universe. Fuzzy was a superhero in my roster back then, inspired in a way by Weepuls, which my school had held up as prizes for selling magazine subscriptions (considering the school was well-funded, I don't know why they exploited the labor of children to get it more). Weepuls, if you've never heard of them, are fuzzy balls which have stuff stuck to them to make them look like some sort of creature. Fuzzy for me was a Weepul when you pulled off the accessories, and adding energy powers.

The Alerrans here are loosely based off of an alien race in my earlier stories called the Alios. They didn't have much beyond that (no design I remember, even), so it's basically taking the name and making it sound less ridiculous. "Alio" was basically riffing off the word "alien", and sounds to me too much like what a kind would come up with off-hand for the name of an alien species. To me, "Alerran" just sounds more correct, possibly because it evoking the word "terran".

But both of these stories are important to everything else. Both introducing new street-level villains, but also a new ally, and some cosmic villains. The Alerrans will return, of course, and hopefully I won't forget about Fuzzy. It's a liaison to Earth (I had it learn English because I was thinking expediency and resources--the English-speaking world has a lot it can offer in help, while learning just one language is easier under a time crunch, even if it is the language of contradictions that is English; but it will later be studying other languages, to be able to truly address the world as its planet's diplomat/superhero), so it will want to return.

Also: can you tell I almost forgot to put Arianna into the fight scene? Her power was useless here, since it's been established it works on humans and few others, so I guess I was just inclined to forget she existed there. Poor woman, despite showing she's not the villain, she's still the odd one out on the team.

I tease next issue here because I'm forcing myself to get it done. A skipped month wasn't enough to finish it, due to artist block, so that's why this issue is prose. Two skipped months in a row should be avoided as much as possible. Heck, one skipped month in a row should be avoided as much as possible. It will be done, though--even though it was originally supposed to be the August issue...