Issue 38: Faces Familiar, Faces New

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Author Notes:

shastab24 Wed, October 19, 2022 edit delete
This story was originally going to be a quick encounter for the Protectors before the next one, but it evolved into something more, so now this issue is two stories, just like my only other prose issue (so far).

These villains are ones I've been wanting to introduce somewhere. Well, Master Mover has appeared elsewhere, in Karabear Comics Unlimited #11. The others are ones I either created wholecloth or just refined for a 30 Days of Characters I failed at completing:

Corkscrew was a villain I created way back in the original Flame Thrower stories from when I was in elementary school. He was basically inspired by Hammerhead from Spider-Man comics (well, the comic cards I had and maybe the cartoon--I was more into X-Men overall and especially in the comics). The 30 Days of Characters design was one I leaned into the ridiculous when doing it, because Corkscrew is by his nature rather silly (as all these villains are, aside from Master Mover).

Tacky was originally a character I had created for my superhero universe in the same iteration as Corkscrew, but she was supposed to be a villain for Multiblades, basically a counterpart from another universe where every character was a sillier version. Where that Multiblades could create metal blades from the air, Tacky was able to create tacks in the same way. New Tacky does not create her own tacks, but carries them in her pouches, and she just has the power to control tacks. Ridiculously specific item to control? Sure, but she follows in the footsteps of Eiderdown (feather control) and Sucrosa (sugar control), who I've already put out there.

Hummingbird was my first 30 Days of Characters character. I know he doesn't have as much of a presence in this story, but that's because I forgot about him. Maybe because he has that ridiculous protrusion from his mask. On the cover, I almost forgot to draw him.

Titin is a character I say has the longest name of every one I created. The protein known as Titin is actually 189,819 letters long. I'm not going to paste it here. Originally I wanted to have him muttering the entire chemical name the entire time, but found that difficult to portray, so he stays silent. Considering it's been said it takes more than an hour to pronounce the full name, maybe that's good. This fight did not last that long. But the mannipulation of the protein can tighten the muscles it's in, effectively causing cramps.

Deathkill was an idea to basically make a 90s anti-hero, but as they work better: as villains. I'm just overall not a fan of that character aesthetic.

I guess Pudge is my Blob. Possibly. I know he also shares a power with a character from the movie Zoom: Academy for Superheroes. Yeah, that bad movie kind of inspired a character of mine. Inspiration can come from anywhere.