Wed, June 22, 2022 in Issue 35: At the Bridge

Cover: issue 35 - At the Bridge

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Cover: issue 35 - At the Bridge
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Author Notes:

shastab24 Wed, June 22, 2022 edit delete
It's Pride month, everyone! And all of my characters (whose arms may be a bit too long here) are holding up the pride flags corresponding to their LGBT identities. Yes, a couple of them have a double-flag thing going on, but that's understandable. Don't recognize these flags? It's understandable. They are as follows:

Arianna - Lesbian
B.A.D. - Butch lesbian
Flame Thrower - Trans and lesbian
Mineral - Trans and bisexual
Multiblades - Pansexual
Pinball - Agender and asexual
Rearranger - Gay man

This is actual solidification of each of their identities in this regard. Helpful for people to see different aspects of these characters. Granted, I realize Pinball could have also been given the aromantic flag, and Mineral probably could be given the bear flag, but sometimes you can stop after a bit. The double flags look weird enough to me, just think of what a triple flag in the same space would look like.