Wed, December 22, 2021 in Issue 31: No Man's Land

Pages 12 and 13: issue 31 - No Man's Land

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Pages 12 and 13: issue 31 - No Man's Land
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Author Notes:

shastab24 Wed, December 22, 2021 edit delete
Cameos, so many cameos! None of this art was done by me (well, except finishing Lightbringer's picture so he has feet), but by their creators. I'd asked for cameos in each person's art style, and these were the responses. They are (left to right):

Top row:
KA of We are the Wirecats by Neil Kapit
Puzzlewuff of The Blinking Box by crimson_mystery_cake
Lightbringer of Lightbringer by Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug
Pepper and Carrot of Pepper&Carrot by David Revoy

Bottom row:
Donnie of Donnie the Fighting Psychopath by Brandon "BLTX" Luke
Devastator by USAUgirl
Purple Space of M9 Girls! by Hipopotamo, art by Shadow
Erzengel of Union of Heroes by Arne Schulenberg
Alfredo Ventura of Golden Garden by Fedriz Marini
Seth Kiah of KMO by Sethstiel
Sherlock Lawson of Technocyte: Beyond Human by Saint
Cerunnos of Realmwalker by Stargazer31
Metalen Meisje of Bugfriend by lizard-socks

This is a crossover with Karabear Comics Unlimited.