Wed, May 26, 2021 in Issue 24: Mexican Standoff

Page 14: issue 24 - Mexican Standoff

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Page 14: issue 24 - Mexican Standoff
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shastab24 Wed, May 26, 2021 edit delete
Pato is pretty cool. I actually think she's my favorite M9 Girl. Maybe because my high school's main color was purple. Granted, I graduated high school 19 years ago...

This issue is a crossover with M9 Girls! Check it out for magical girlesque superhero action. As this issue goes up here, the site is also just starting to upload this same issue, just at a more spread out pace.


hipopotamo Tue, July 6, 2021 edit delete reply
Pato can do this all day, she got the Poffin' mastered to a perfection!