Wed, February 24, 2021 in Issue 21: Protectors and Serve

Page 42: issue 21 - Protectors and Serve

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Page 42: issue 21 - Protectors and Serve
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Author Notes:

shastab24 Wed, February 24, 2021 edit delete
This ends the issue. It was written by Colaptes. Check out his comic Drunk Tank.

What did you think? I'd love to know in the comments below, or anything else you might want to comment.

As for this page, this was the most of my writing in this issue. Colaptes had written this with the intent to reveal to the reader who he thought the murderer was, but I didn't want that, so I altered things. In the original script, the Salaryman guise fades away to show Dispawn underneath, so I altered things. This still implies Dispawn might be the innocent, but this works either way. It could also be that Dispawn happened to come into view at a time that makes the two look connected, just as much as it might be a continuation of what was being said.

The bit Dispawn says in panel 5 is in his dragon language, but I finally used the script of said language. It's a runic alphabet. It's pronounced "Go̰ho̰ʀɪ̰xɪ̰ qṵʔɑ̰ħo̰k xɑ̰ṵgɧṵʛɑ̰ṵx ɑ̰ ʜɑ̰ʔχhɪ̰ɠ ʁo̰ɠo̰g" and basically means "magic portal to take me to my daughter". Of note, I have the phrase for "daughter" in his language literally translate to "chest sister".

And yes, this has Dispawn correctly gender Flame Thrower. That doesn't happen much.

Next issue: we get Grrly.


DT_Colaptes Thu, July 22, 2021 edit delete reply
You knocked it out of the park! Always impressed by the dynamism in your pages. I probably gave you too monstrous of a script, but I knew you'd kick its butt.

Pleasure working with you on it and I love the finished product! If you ever want to return the favor and guest write an episode for me, the invitation is always open
shastab24 Fri, July 23, 2021 edit delete reply
Thank you. Personally, I worry that my stuff might be a bit too stiff, so it's nice to hear.

And I may take you up on that. Maybe another crossover, because I'm apt to do those quite a bit. But either way, likely next year, when this crossover-hopping storyline is done and I don't have to dance around who the murderer is.
DT_Colaptes Fri, July 23, 2021 edit delete reply
Sounds good!