Wed, February 24, 2021 in Issue 21: Protectors and Serve

Page 5: issue 21 - Protectors and Serve

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Page 5: issue 21 - Protectors and Serve
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Author Notes:

shastab24 Wed, February 24, 2021 edit delete
In that last panel, Colaptes (check out his comic Drunk Tank) didn't include what I had Arianna say, and I forget if he gave her any lines on this page. However, those symbols are from the fairy writing system. It's like an abjad but only writes the vowels. As to what she's saying? I haven't created that language yet, so it was some random sounds, which I take as being because she's currently quite weak.

As to why Arianna's wounds are gone on this page? I just forgot to draw them, somehow.


DT_Colaptes Thu, July 22, 2021 edit delete reply
The fairy letters there remind me of Elian script - that could be something to consider when fully devising it