Wed, February 24, 2021 in Issue 21: Protectors and Serve

Page 2: issue 21 - Protectors and Serve

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Page 2: issue 21 - Protectors and Serve
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Author Notes:

shastab24 Wed, February 24, 2021 edit delete
Another addition by me from the script by Colaptes (check out his comic Drunk Tank) here is another under her breath that this time Flame Thrower makes. Also, I realize I should have mentioned the layout of the house a little better to Colaptes, as B.A.D. telling Flame Thrower that everyone is in the dining room, when Mari can obviously see right into there from the couch, is kind of silly.

One change I made is in the original script, Rearranger was supposed to throw the ball into the air, disassemble it in mid-air, re-form it, and then catch it. However, it's important to me that he doesn't have the concentration to actually do something like that. So I changed it and now he can't. "Kontsentrirn", according to Google Translate, is Yiddish for "concentrate". Also, the original script had Rearranger saying "Hey, Mari", but I wanted to put in some Wintu as well. "Buham", while literally meaning "do you live?", is one way to basically say "how are you?" in Wintu, and I like the expression.

Also, yes, it looks bad that they have the curtain tied away from the window so you can see the house next door, since the residents there could easily see them milling about in their costumes and secret identities would be hard to keep, but I wasn't thinking when drawing it, because the house next to my home is currently empty, and we always have the curtain tied like that, to let some natural light in. But yeah, without the actual text saying that house isn't occupied, I really could have just as easily made the curtain just cover the whole window.


DT_Colaptes Thu, July 22, 2021 edit delete reply
Regarding the curtain, I do stuff like that too in my comic. Like I'll add in background details if I feel ambitious enough to do so, without fully considering if they have any import to the scene or their ramifications lol