Wed, February 24, 2021 in Issue 21: Protectors and Serve

Cover: issue 21 - Protectors and Serve

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Cover: issue 21 - Protectors and Serve
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Author Notes:

shastab24 Wed, February 24, 2021 edit delete
It's a new issue, and this one I didn't write! Yes, my strength is definitely more in the writing, and yet I let Colaptes (check out his comic Drunk Tank) do this one. At least I did revisions and added a bit, though. It's a long one, but I think it's still fun.

The posing on this cover might look familiar to you. Maybe you can guess the significance of why. Or read the issue and find out the significance.

Also, that background--I'm so sorry for how terrible it is. For some reason I didn't really notice how the lines are wildly crooked until I'd scanned it, and by then was rushing and couldn't take the time to fix it. So, just focus on the characters, okay? They're at least a little better drawn.


DT_Colaptes Thu, July 22, 2021 edit delete reply
Man I knew I was far behind on my readings, but not this bad... Endlessly sorry for not getting to it earlier.

I'll promote it once I read it through!