KPS Special 2: D'Vlish Strikes!, part 3

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shastab24 Wed, May 20, 2020 edit delete
This is the other issue of Karabear Comics Presents Special I did for the 2014 Halloween Cameo Caper. Aside from featuring all of my comics that featured in the previous issue, this one also has characters from Life and Death (Chaos, AKA the guy with his head on fire, created by Joff, found at, Victory and the Gingerbread Man Chronicles (Victory and the Gingerbread Man, created by Chris Villanueva, found at and, Necroomies (Ibdis and Junter, created by Jonathan Reich, found at, Thomas and Zachary (Thomas and Zachary, created by TheMario360,, Hey Fox! (Fox and Honey, created by Gabriel Fox, found at, Consolers (Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, created by Zanreo, found at, Dawn of a New Era V2 (William, created by Videowizard2007, found at, and the ones created for the Caper (Mr. Montibar and Shalingalal, created by L.P. Hogan).

There are also some more of my characters here, including an avatar of myself, along with the "mascot" for Karabear Comics (who I should get back to using) called Kara Bear, as well as the character Split from my series the Broken.

Page 8 was drawn by trickstyx of the now-defunct (don't know where to find him online). However, I will say that since there was no script and he already provided the art (complete with word balloons), that's the reason it's so wordy--I didn't want to change the font size.

As is mentioned in the beginning of the comic, this one actually started being updated in May of 2015. Luckily, that means the art improves somewhat (unluckily, that doesn't mean it's necessarily good--it's still my art, after all).