by shastab24
I've been meaning to do this for a while, because people have mentioned it's something that put them off the comic, and I agree it was kind of ridiculous to have it in there: all nudity in the comic has been censored.  Sadly, in my zealousness I also considered Mineral's bare chest in issue 10 to be one I should censor.  I mean, he's a guy and people are okay with bare male chests, but Mineral has breasts, which people don't tend to be okay with being exposed.  So, executive decision made and erring on the side of caution.  His bare chest in Karabear Comics Presents Special (where he magically doesn't have breasts for that panel) isn't censored, because it shouldn't be a problem.  Hopefully.  There are weird people out there.

But then again, should I censor the bare butts that appear, too?  Or would that be going overboard?
Collective of Heroes!
by shastab24
You may have noticed some slight changes to the layout of this site, which makes room for a new link of sorts on the left-hand side.  This is because I was accepted into the Collective of Heroes!  This is just so great to me, and I will endeavor to be better in order to be worthy of the honor.  My art is still... not so amazing, but that will hopefully be improving as time goes on.  It's definitely better than it once was.  And as for my writing--there have been some missteps in the comic, but I do like where some of my other scripts have gone.  Hopefully you do, too.

But in any event, go check out the Collective and read their comics.  There's some great stuff in there.  One I particularly enjoy is Magellan, if you want a recommendation of where to start.
We're caught up!
by shastab24
Caught up with what? With Tapas, silly. We actually weren't scheduled to be caught up just yet, but issue 5 took longer than expected and will go up 2 weeks later than I'd planned, which will coincide with its release on Wednesday here, too. I'm going to transition to using this site as my main site for this comic, Tapas being a mirror. Sure, I have more subscribers there (9 to my 1 on here), but this is the site I like better for this sort of thing. It doesn't crash my computer, it's a site where people won't look at you funny for not doing the infinite canvas style that I tend to think is ugly, and I can actually customize the site! Plus, there's the ability to link to other comics on this site, which is always lovely, as well as a forum that actually has thought put into its design. Makes me think: I need to put up a mirror in Smack Jeeves. Maybe Drunk Duck, too. Still, this will be the main one, no matter what. But now I realize I may want to put the Tapas link on this landing page...
Just a day away!
by shastab24
In just a day, Almighty Protectors #1 will be live.  It is already available on Tapas, yes, but here on ComicFury it's been placed where it was meant to be released, amongst the bevvy of Karabear Comics Presents updates, alongside Black Wraith and Wonder Super's first issues, instead of after as ultimately happened on Tapas.  And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit excited about this.  The Protectors are my babies, characters I've developed since 4th grade (they're pretty much unrecognizable now) and with stories I'm just yearning to tell.  Overall, this series is the reason I've even started doing comics.  Not that the other comics are bad (well, some of them have been), nor that I want to abandon them, but they were for me to work up to telling stories about Mariana, Karl, Michael, Michelle, etc.  Or, as you'll know them better eventually: Flame Thrower, Rearranger, Mineral, Multiblades, Pinball, B.A.D., Arianna, and Dispawn.  Karabear Comics is a vehicle for the Protectors ultimately, though all other series I will hope to continue down good paths, even series on hiatus, like Karabear Comics Unlimited (which I'm planning to change to being called "The Unlimited"), Wonder Team, and Fiendish Fellowship (Fiendish Foreshadowing, too, but to a lesser extent).  I just feel my focus should remain primarily of my primary team.  I want them to entertain, and I feel I have stories for them that fit that.  And crossovers.  I definitely want to do crossovers.
The Almighty Protectors is almost here!
by shastab24
Bear with me as I try to finangle this comic site better.  Almighty Protectors will begin updating tomorrow with a prelude.  Now, you may have already read such prelude on Karabear Comics Presents, but I feel it needs to be here.  Let's see how things go, though.