Issue 0: Genesis

The beginning (Karabear Comics Presents #1)

Issue 1: The Call

Four friends find themselves flung with a mysterious fifth being to a different world...

Issue 2: The Fair Folk

Captured by the magical denizens of the woods, will the Protectors escape?

Issue 3: Lies

It is time to face the beast from in the mountain...

Issue 4: Coming Home

The team finally returns home, and immediately into danger!

Issue 5: Superheroes

The team obtains their superhero costumes, just in time to face a powerful villain.

Issue 6: Two Blues

Pinball, a criminal? A villainous doppelganger to the mysterious hero emerges.

Issue 7: Malignant Malaise

With all emotions drained from the world, can three demigods help the Protectors to put things back to normal?

Issue 8: Young Adult Anthropomorphic Warrior Chuckwallas

The Protectors come face-to-face with some sauromalus soldiers

Issue 9: Familial Discord

It was supposed to be a fun night out, but an argument could break the team

Issue 10: The Attack

Early in the morning, Pinball finds hirself the subject of an attack by an angry cosmic order guardian

Issue 11: Nazis und der Widerstand

Is it the past, or an alternate universe? The team finds themselves stuck in Nazi Germany.

Issue 12: The Big Apple and the Big Red Cheese

Nazi supervillains and a certain red-clad superhero continue the team's adventures

Issue 13: Revelation of Atrocities

Horrific events are brought to light as the 1940s world heads for a major altercation

Issue 14: Nasty Nazis and Tempestuous Tempore

The Protectors and the heroes of the world endeavor to destroy a terrible machine, but must face a bevvy of Nazi supervillains--and a certain angry order guardian

Issue 15: Collected

The Protectors find themselves captured by a grinning menace...

Issue 16: Aggravations

Nagging parents are annoying enough, but what happens when a supervillain busts in on your family meal?

Issue 17: Protect, Defend, DESTROY!

The Protectors team up with the Defenders of America to take down a villain group led by one of their own!

Issue 18: Halloween 2020 short story special

In the spirit of Halloween, two short stories about monsters, whether physical or ideological

Issue 19: A Fanatic's Prize

The team is captured by a xenophobic cult leader.

Issue 20: Witchy Women

The Protectors follow the Destructors into the world of Pepper&Carrot

Issue 21: Protectors and Serve

In the world of Drunk Tank, the Protectors are aided by their own parallels

Issue 22: Bigger Fish

The Protectors find themselves outclassed as they cross over with Grrl Power!

Issue 23: Going Everywhere and Nowhere

It's a chase through realities as Jenny Nowhere is pursued by the Protectors and Jenny Everywhere!

Issue 24: Mexican Standoff

Can the combined might of the Protectors and the M9 Girls send the Destructors packing?

Issue 25: Scholastic Scuffle

The Protectors follow the Destructors to a high school for super powered youth

Issue 26: Allies, Cops, Adversaries, Brawl

The Protectors cross over with Lightbringer!

Issue 27: Meet Your Maker

Will the help of Supertrans help the Protectors take down the Destructors?

Issue 28: & Wonder Team

Teaming up, the Protectors and Wonder Team face an emboldened Destructors

Issue 29: Metaal Tegengestelde Vernietiging

Metalen Meisje and Bugfriend assist the Protectors in an attempt to take down the Destructors

Issue 30: Indefensible Protectors

It's a crossover with Indefensible Positions as the Protectors continue to attempt to stop the Destructors for good

Issue 31: No Man's Land

It's a crossover with the Unlimited as the Protectors find the Destructors have a newly revealed ally...

Issue 32: Unglamourous

The identity of the villain posing as a hero is revealed, as the Protectors try to stop the Destructors once and for all!

Issue 33: The Cataclysmic Gate

In order to save the world from a destructive portal, the Protectors will team up with the Defenders of America to fight Alpin Aneat and his murderous robots!

Issue 34: Time and Chaos

Cosmic shenanigans will cause the Protectors to have quite the headache!

Issue 35: At the Bridge

A distraught child is at the edge of a bridge, and only the Protectors around to intervene.

Issue 36: What a Day

It's a busy day as the Protectors have their own separate downtimes

Issue 37: August 2022 Special

A couple short stories and a fanart showcase in this first (of maybe many) August special!

Issue 38: Faces Familiar, Faces New, Faces Strange

Two text stories find the Protectors facing a team of villains and then having a cosmic adventure!

Issue 39: Reflections

The Protectors visit a universe filled with doppelgangers, who seem radically different nonetheless...

Issue 40: Toyetic

It's the Christmas 2022 special! A public appearance for charity has an unexpected visitor.

Issue 41: Break and Crack

It's two stories in one as we check on the Destructors in prison, and then the Protectors have an adventure in the Vi-Pr universe